five. five - o, count em' dan-o the works.

it has been a long, energy filled week. i had major deadlines, so i
had no choice but to paint like there was no tomorrow, wrap beads
till the tips of my fingers ached and print out a pile of new cards.

here's hoping to making the vibe last and with that, i am
grateful and count 'em, i've got five, five-0.
1. this ditty by this chick
2. a new discovery via liz's - nine interviews.
3. spending the weekend with peach and rachel
working our tent at the local strawberry festival
4. the tour de cure ride, tomorrow with missie and gus
5. anessa's dang paintings. i dig them
okay...i am out. big festival weekend, big ride for a great cause
and drooling just thinking about the fried green tomatoes and
funnel cake.
peace out


Swirly said...

I always love seeing your creations in progress!

Nina said...

OOOOOOh I am liking the look of this one!!!!!