polaroid....west end tree.

really....i am still here! just taking a little time
to breath after several long stressful months.
but when looking back - are there ever lulls
where you look back and say, whew, those
months were totally stress free.

my uncle tom passed away last month after
a year long battle with cancer. he was my god
father, wed to my auntie juju and together
they made life fun. he loved golf, i don't, and
he was addicted to his cell phone, i am not.
he had a laugh that could bring the roof down
and i miss him terribly already. but with all the
tears, i smile knowing that someone loved me as
much as he did and that i have been blessed with
amazing aunts and uncles.

i am busy in the studio, getting ready for the local
strawberry festival. i am sharing a tent with two
other local talents.

i am also yearning to hear all about squam in june.
so if you have stories.....i would love to hear them.

what's new in your neighborhood....

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liz elayne lamoreux said...

i am thinking about you my friend...sending love and peace and a big big hug.

the sun is out here today. blue sky. but the weather is still a bit cool, which makes me happy.