..days of not..

bouncey balls + brain = kelly's crazy mind
i like to think that i am in control, that i can fix the unfixable. that
i am okay.
i like to think that i mask my emotions well, that even on my worst
day, my worst isn't visible
but then i have to pinch myself and remind - me - that i am human.
that some days i can't hide my sadness, my fears, my anger.
most days i yearn to make a difference. i love making someone happy
and i feel that i can do that just by smiling or laughing. you know -
those little random acts.
most days, i don't do enough.
but with all that, i do know that i am okay. that if i am not
up to "par" today, then tomorrow - maybe.


Liz said...

I think that more days than not, you do plenty, you are plenty . . . xoxo

valerie said...

isn't it all such a human experience, this life thing? sending you hearts and hugs!

patty said...

Kelly, you have summed up beautifully what most of us go through on a regular basis - if we are really honest, that is. Things are constantly changing, and, yes, you will be OK!!


vivienne said...

i so relate.
sending you love!

Amy said...

hell. yes.