..squam love and more..

splash....journal pages.

1. check out my squam love over at
athena dreams! it's an interview!

2. summer weather in middle indiana, window open wide. loving the
fresh air smell throughout the house

3. celebrating cinco de mayo with some silly chicks

4. the new display from steel dreaming...lots of fun here

5. and this chickadees birthday, today. she brings so much
light and fun to my world. happy birthday danielle!!!!!


Amy said...

i love your squam love essay! you are such a personal inspiration, kelly b., you were just what the girl from central jersey needed. i hope you know that. your talent and your honesty and your courage, you keep me going. you make me say i'll be okay. just sayin'...

elizabeth said...

I loved your Squam essay. It made me want to attend someday.

I also love your journal pages. I think I will add something to my dream list about buying a house and hiring you to paint a mural on a wall in a studio sort of room. Oh, the joy. :)

K8 said...

Sweet! I loved your Squam story. It reminds me that we all start somewhere... thank you! :)

thenextarrow said...

this is so inspiring :)

xo Alison

pixie said...

beautiful, woman. and i love your splash! i love to play with color palette ideas this way. you inspire!!!