..getting it together..

preparing for the show.

yesterday bryce and i packed up the car full of my
pieces of art and headed downtown to our new
art gallery and studios. i am honored to be the
november featured artist. when nina first asked
me i of course said i would do it. then reality set
in and the demons got the best of me. i had numerous
paintings sitting on the studio floor to be finished,
a week long art retreat in october and a holiday show
the day before i was to hang my art. yup...once
again, kelly chose to bite off the biggest piece of
sweetness only to get a slap of reality. time and
creative minds don't always add up. but last week
i came home from squam by the sea, and for the
first time of three years of retreats....i felt renewed.
i mean don't get me wrong i always feel renewed after
each retreat. the problems lies in coming home and
crashing. by the grace of the universe - this time - i
was able to find my mojo.

so yesterday as marlene and nina hung my artwork. marlene
the ever so sassy designer, walked around with her hand on
her chin...something was missing. we had removed the primary
color blocked rug, major clash. she just wasn't quite feeling it.
i sat back and let her do her work. never once worried. because
i trusted her creativity. all the while...poor bryce, already out
of his athletic element, was figgiting. he made lists on his
cell phone for me, he answered text and he stood there wide
eyed watching marlene think.

ah-ha! my unfinished dress form. she said, "don't finish it just yet.
lets use it - to show your process. i wanted to cry...happy tears.
because so often people ask me what my process is and i have a
hard time explaining. but the dress form - i can be used as a creative
visual in the little room that holds my artwork.

so again...i left feeling renewed. i had new energy, new ideas
and the best part of the day. nina and marlene asked me to paint
my "featured artist" board. of course. i knew what i would do with it.

today i am in the studio....finishing my board before i have to work
at the course. my heart and mind are full of what my path is filled with.
this time, not worrying about leaving the bread crumbs pointing towards
home. in this moment, i have a clear view, no longer lost.

support your local arts . support arts . because art saves!
athens of indiana arts studios & gallery
crawfordsville, in

a project for the arts made possible by Crawfordsville Main Street.


Liz said...

okay... awesome... love this story... xo

Jennifer said...

oh dear Kelly this makes my heart smile wide for you. I am so excited. And I love this story. I love the idea of you showing a piece of your work unfinshed. What a great thing for people to see. You are a rockstar! Keep that paint brush moving girl!


Jane said...

I haven't been around here for a long while but I was smiling when I saw the dress form. I love the idea of showing people a piece in progress.

elizabeth said...

I would love to get an idea of the artist's process at a show. I always wonder .. which is why I love seeing the pieces-in-progress that you post.

Wish I could visit the gallery and see your show in person! I know I would love it.

marilyn said...

oh, to see you at work, in your own habitat, filled with your energy....
this post lifts me up, throws me around and lands me on my feet happy!