tuesday happy

betty beads and a hello.

sitting here chatting with pals, sipping some tazo calm
that b made for me and thinking of all the goodness
my life holds. so here we go................

1. my new etsy shop. kellybarton.etsy. please stop by
and check it out. i will be keeping the happygirl shop
through the end of the year too! we would love to see
you there. best part. there will be plenty of holiday sales,
new baubles, orginals and cards. perfect holiday gifts!
also....a giveaway, very soon!

2. my new little art studio, here in town at the athens
of indiana art and studios
. i am so happy to be part of
some amazing local artists. if you are a local, please
stop by and support our local arts. art saves!

3. the support i receive, the cheers i hear and the love
i feel . thank you

4. watching miss clancy finish the 500 free tonight
and see her beat her old time.

5. the to do list, although full. seeing all that i have
ticked off since october. if feels so good to be
moving again

so there it short list of goodness.



Lisa G said...

I love lists of goodness. Rock on, productive woman!

patty said...

You have just got it goin on, girl!!

Kelly Berkey said...

kelly you have so much to be grateful for. congrats on your collaboration with a local art group. your work is beautiful and makes people happy. rock on chica!