what's on tap

happy happy happy
i have so many ideas i am going to burst......
here's what's on tap here,
lots of design jobs
big wedding weekend
messy messy studio
no time to think and i want some good sleep
i miss tom, i want to hear all about the wedding
i want to know how it all went. i want to see a blissfilled grin
i want to
bounce some ideas around...when in the hell
are you coming back? gosh!
i am a superstar!
is 40 too old to pierce your nose
this is so pathetic - wake up folks [gotta love cville]
i think this might be a good idea [need to find the time]

woo...i feel better

...tap off!


Anonymous said...

wonderful article Kelly....i loved everything you said and couldn't agree more! You sure are a Superstar!

Btw i was 45ish i believe when i pierced my bellybutton or slightly i don't think any age is too old for a piercing!


Raquelle said...

Congrats on the article Kelly! I admire you for sticking to your guns, and starting your own business. Do you have a website for your company?

Anywho! Good luck with that, and I would say go for the piercing. You are only as old as you feel!

Anonymous said...

Sure get your nose pierced, you will love it and since you are trying to be young and hip , it will be just the thing to do!!!