indiana fall

Originally uploaded by indigochickie.

do you see the cherubs?
gabe and clancy were
about 5 and 3 years old
when this was taken. gabe
is now 14 and clancy will
soon be 12. they used to
love to spend time with one
another and would play for
hours. they were pals. now
they just growl at one another!

oh look how sweet they are.
those were the days.


Anonymous said...

Was looking around ,nice little blog.If you are bored to tears you can always see my Trojan kind of site if you like Trojan stuff....

Swirly said...

Fun photo. I am very close to a family with four kids and they are always clobbering each other, but they also watch out for each other. I love observing them. I am an only child so I never go to experience having a sibling.

dpsinger said...

Thanks for the visit Kelly! i love your site. I have a one and a half year old... no siblings yet! Soon... maybe :) I will visit often...

Raquelle said...

I simply love this picture!!!! I hope we have a really good fall this year.