the devastion in the south is only being realized.
as the days go by, i float back and forth between
my reality and what is going on around me and
away from me. my heart breaks for all who
have lost what they love most.

take the time to check out america's second harvest
and the red cross. give what you can. and please
take the time to pray for our nation and the people
who are suffering most at this time.

there are also many sites who are donating proceeds
from their sales to the victims. check these sites out
swirly and etsy.

chip in and help out in anyway you can.

-each one of us has a spark of life
inside us, and we must set off that
spark in one another [kenny ausubel]

blessings to all...


Nimbostratusdweller said...
we are working on a site right now that wil interface the blog and have pottery/ceramic art for sale to help rebuild New Orleans, It is a small way for eveyone to give. I thought you might be interested. Thank you!

Raquelle said...

I donated to the Red Cross through my work, who's matching my donation dollar for dollar. I hope more companies are doing the same! This just breaks my heart!

Swirly said...

Thank you Kelly. :)