life is funny sometimes. i talk daily with women all over the
country and one in canada. very creative, kind and talented
women. as i visit their sites daily and read
their stories, i
realize how much we really are like one another.

we all struggle day to day with our fight to believe in ourselves
and our art. we have
all seen dark days. we worry about our kids,
partners and finances. we all work to
be recognized, yet somehow,
we sometimes just want to create and it doesn't even
matter if
anyone sees it. it is ours to own.

our world is so competitive and cut throat, yet these women take
the time to answer
my questions, complement my creative force
and share their stories with me.

chances are we will not meet face to face, but they are with me
everyday as i ready
myself for a day of work. and they are with
me in the evenings as i wind down from
a hectic day.



Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful and well put. We are all on the same path and really need to be there for each other and encourage one another to keep our creativity alive! You are so incredibly talented and have much to share. Btw.....the above COLLAGE is GORGEOUS! I lOVE IT!!

Violette :)

Raquelle said...

Isn't it amazing how the internet can connect to so many other people that normally you would never know existed? I love reading your blog and am glad you take the time to read mine!!

Swirly said...

This is lovely. It is so important we remember all those connections - all those threads that create a comfy blanket for all of us to feel cozy under.