today my pop's lays in the the care center
in carmel. he was taken in yesterday and
today the performed a heart cath on him.
they found blockage and did the good old
balloon treatments.

4 years ago this march - he suffered a massive
heart attack and again found himself at the
care center. there they put in two stints. he
had 98% blockage.

in the last couple of months i confronted him
on his health and told my mom, something
wasn't right. he reassured me he was feeling
great and i told him i didn't believe him. i hope
he listens to me next time. i now feel like his

his best friend retired today and dad was supposed
to be the master of ceremonies at the roast. i fear
he is very down because he had to miss it.

they are two of the best men i know. loyal, faithfilled
and hard working family men.

my blessings are...

...more time with my dad

...seeing easy ed one last time driving through
town in the neal tire truck, sporting a santa hat.

...dedicated siblings

...laughing with steph and casey. i don't know anyone
more dark or demented.

....our family of friends -brother and sisters at heart
the labbes.

blessings ya'll


Marilyn said...

My Dad's long had heart disease (and several procedures along the way), so I empathize. Blessings to you and yours in 2007, Kelly. Happy New Year.

Kim Carney said...

My best wishes to your dad!
And make this a happy, blessed, healthly new year!

la vie en rose said...

sending loving, healing thoughts your dad's way...