bless my soul *[boots]

mixed media
acrylics, graphite
silver leaf, and
found papers
24x24x.25 inch deep
wood block
...where have your boots taken you.


Beth said...

I love your blog and this time you are made me really laugh....and remember.
I must be your age or close to it as Shaun was my first love, too. He was the first person I ever saw in concert and that was HUGE that many years ago...I had the posters and the albums....ahhh, the good old days.
Thanks for the memories !!!!

Beth said...

sorrry for the typo above...I hate it when that happens !!!

"this time you made me" with no ARE...what a goof !!!

Beth said...

to your question....
I've had you in my favorites forever, but since my favorites list is so HUGE I just can't leave comments all the time.
We used to live in Evansville (newburgh) and when I saw Indiana for you....well that cinched the deal right there that you'd be on my favorites list....and on top of it, your blog is GREAT, so it's a win/win !!!!

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

I love this one Kelly! Gorgeous!