bless my soul *[shaun]

dreamboat shaun cassidy

someone recently asked me who shaun cassidy was.

what?! are you kidding me. da doo ron ron, #1 hit
of 1977. hello. i felt like a knife had pieced my tender heart.
1976 was a great year, every stitch of clothing i had was
the red white and blue motif, but then the best year ever....
1977 how could anyone not know who my beloved shaun is?
but then again, you weren't even born yet.
shaun cassidy first stole my heart when i was a 6th grader.
not an easy age. i spent my meesly savings on tigerbeat
and teenbeat magazine. i then meticulously extracted every
image of shaun i could find and taped them to the wall directly
behind my bed. wallah...instant headboard. and oh so convenient
when i need a kiss goodnite. shaun never talked back. never
made fun of my hair, and he could of, considering he had better
farrah hair than i.

my mother flipped when i used six of my hard earned babysitting
dollars on his album. $5.99. it was worth the 3 nites of babysitting
it took just to make the $6. she just didn't understand that our love
was a true love....hmmmmmm.

so there you go tom, young as you may be. if you want to read
more interesting facts on shaun. you can find them here...
[you always know how to make me feel old!]


MadFlyTom said...

Thank you!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel old. I do like to think I have a good working knowledge of 70's music, but I grew up listening more to Led Zeppelin and Peter Frampton, not so much on the pop side of things. But thank you for opening my eyes to Mr. Cassidy and his impact on you as a child!

Enid said...

I remember religiously watching the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mysteries. I loved Shaun Cassidy and his hair was just brilliant. Sometimes I think of Andy Gibb when I look at him, not that they looked or even sounded alike. But for that time in history, they were teen idols and hearthob gods with great hair wearing the tightest pants ever.