have you...


have you ever wanted to smack
someone's face when they ask....
"whose shaun cassidy?" bite
you tongue child.

have you ever ran into your first
love and barely be able to hold a
conversation, because after 25 years
you still want to lick their face.
[ie, "lick their face" is my
little expression i use when i think
someone is attractive]

have you ever laid in bed at nite re-hashing
a job that isn't coming together, only to realize
why. for instance, javascript not working, maybe
because you have neglected writing the backcode?
....there's your sign.

ever sit in your house, and feel blessed that
you aren't listening to your two teenagers screaming
at one another, slamming doors, begging for
whatever it is they want. i call that a mini
vacation and i got one last week and loved
every damn minute of it!

have you ever laughed so hard you peed your
pants?! okay - i haven't, but close. i do laugh
so hard that my belly cramps up and my
cheeks hurt from the huge smile on my face

have you dreamt that you have missed a college
class for a full semester only to remember the
week of finals

have you ever had a wave of euphoria when

you realize how blessed you are

ever smoked off a hookah

ever had a green river

well have you?!

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Colorsonmymind said...

Hi Kel-

I loved this-what a great pic and I have to many of these....

I don't know how to leave links here. I did have a link in my first post about the cleanse.

It really is great. Please email me if you have any questions.