bless my soul [henry tucker!]

there is a young lad in our sleepy little town,
name is henry tucker. i have written
several times
about henry and his fight against
cancer. he is still
fighting. he and his family and
a large group of team
henry are asking for
prayers. today his lovely mom,
michelle started
his blog off with this.....

Even if you suffer from a long term-condition, there
is defiantely a way of not falling into despair. If you
are a a Buddhist, tell yourself: "consider the countless
beings that are suffering just like you and pray that
their suffering may help to appease theirs. If you do
not have the strength to reflect this way, the simple
fact of being aware that you are not alone and that
many others are in the same situation will help you
to bear your hardship.

If you are a Christain and you have faith in God as
creator of the universe, comfort yourself by thinking,
"i have not wanted this suffering, but there must be
a reason for it since God, in his compassion, has
given me life.

If you do not have any religious faith, you can think
that however terrible your misfortune, you are not
the only one to suffer in this way. Even if you have
no belief, try to imagine, above the area of your pain,
a vivid light that pervades and dissolves your pain,
and see if that helps.
-The Dalai Lama

she is a true hero as henry and his whole family are
to those
of us who check in daily with them. i am so
drawn to the
tuckers and their story. my heart is
breaking knowing that
henry has had to endure such
obstacles in his young life. today the tears have finally
caught up with me. he is such a champ.

please take a moment to pray, meditate or offer up
whatever it is that makes you feel at peace. ask
that henry, is peaceful
and happy, surrounded with
a powerful light of hope, strength
and continual
peace - love - grace.

you can visit henry and the gang here



Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

beautiful kelly...

Cre8Tiva said...

Kelly: I ould not find an e-mail for you, so I want to thank you for your kind words. I was so shocked by the realization that I had been letting my life fly past that it brought me out of it instantaneously. I am trying not to have regrets about it because I know that it was something I had to go thru to get to today. But just in case others are feeling something similar I wanted to share my journey back...


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how beautiful!

Cre8Tiva said...

Kelly: I had to write about Henry...One so young taken from the world is a gift for those whose lives he touched. I believe that these special angels of Gad teach us much if we just open to the knowledge. Prayers for Henry and his loved ones are rising to God from me. Suffering has its place in God's plan...I embrace His will and trust that it brings great fruits...Blessings, Rebecca