bless my soul *[original]

original...that is me. what you see is pretty
much what you get. now if i could just
remember where i left that self-confidence
and we will be back to normal.

after a good tongue-lashing, from my friend
miz becky. and a few others - i am feeling
so much better. its just that - a lot of people
look to me as the rock. but some days, i just
can't do it. that was last week. too many
crazy things came up and i let me mind
wander too far out. but i listened to myself,
my friends and thought of henryboy and
miz caroline. that always puts you back to

and speaking of originals.....i have put 4
originals from [thegirl] series on etsy....
check out my happygirl shop here.

blessings ya'll....


liz elayne said...

love this picture! and the originals in your shop are gorgeous.

yes to listening to yourself and for letting others take care of you a bit.

Cre8Tiva said...

even a happy can get down the series...blessings, rebecca

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

it sounds like you and i were in the same place last week...i wish i had had your number so i could have called you...only i couldn't have called you because even that would have been too much for me last week...

i'm glad we both seem to have pulled through it...

ps--you are adorable...

Amanda said...

i love that picture of you.

Swirly said...

I love that photo! You look like a creative WARRIOR!!!

Cayden said...

love this picture ~ full of thought, one of my favorite expressions to capture from people.

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Have no fear, your self confidence will resurface ~ even stronger than before :)
All beautiful, you and the originals!!!