bless my soul *[scorpio]

I suggest we title this chapter of your
life story "The Perplexing Joy of Hundreds
of Emotions," or maybe "The Wild Peace
of Way Too Many Feelings." That may be
a bit of an exaggeration, but it's an apt
reflection of your immediate future:
extreme, expansive, melodramatic,
spectacularly educational, and filthy
rich with intrigue. You may not break the
world's record for most mood shifts in a
good cause, but you could very well
smash your own personal record.

scorpio horoscope - week of june 7th

thea directed me to this horoscope. why don't you play

too. oh, btw - this is smack me in the face - honest!
bryce and i just had a long conversation about [ME] tonight.

damn - i hate #$%@^& hate when he is right.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep my hopes high that one day I'll figure out how to do all of the horoscope stuff. I think they are kewl! Wonderful post!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

"I predict that you'll be a master of utopian pragmatism"--not sure what that means but it's what mine says...