5.28.2008' the little things..

I was recently blessed by an email
from miss lisa leonard. she makes
silver baubles and oh are they sweet!

i went with the ever so teeny tiny initials. s.o.u.l. after
my little studio. i figure i can wear this to gallerys, art
festivals and meetings. a simple way to remind people
of my business.

lisa also keeps track of her daily grind here.
she has a beautiful family story...

i don't wear much jewelry. i have 2 favorite
necklaces that i wear daily, my frida and my
superhero. i now have this soulful piece.

on a very impressive note. lisa uses her jewelry
to perform random acts of kindness, i know
this first hand. she also has special sales and
send off the proceeds to special groups. recently
she sent one honor of this family.

please take the time to visit lisa. i have to say this
necklace is so well made, simple and fun. people
noticing it on my neck! because it is GORGEOUS!

now go see lisa!
[in case you forgot...silvery baubles here.]



Lisa Leonard said...

love your photos! your rock!!

jess gonacha said...

looks like a gorgeous necklace!!!

i'm not sure i'll be able to chat today or tomorrow..... i'm almost done nannying (thank goodness!)-- tomorrow's the last day. can we maybe chat next week? sorry...... hope you're having a great week!!

melanie said...

i will definitely stop in and see her shop/blog!
what an absolutely simple and lovely necklace. :)

Liz said...

beautiful piece! I have her site bookmarked now for when I have a little something extra to spend... thanks for the share

Kelly C. said...

gorgeous!! and by gorgeous, i mean YOU and the necklace! you are looking radiant in these shots, dear Kelly!!
can't wait to check out more of lisa's work!

Katrina said...

lovely, lovely. and i especially love how smiley you are in these photos. joyous.

design for mankind. said...

Awww, this is fantastic! And how gorgeous are you?! :)

Swirly said...

You are FOXY!!

anessa said...

you are very photogenic! and your kitchen is super cute!!!

Colorsonmymind said...

you look absolutely fabulous girl!

The necklace is divine and looks terrific on you!

I really dig your kitchen colors:)