2girls, 2clicks *[no.4]

2girls, 2clicks [glisten no.4] with the most awesome kiki

just another collaboration with my girl kiki. if you would like to
see more happiness, then skip this way.
*[ on a yesterday note - i am fine. not laying in the fetal position,
really i am not! just needed to vent, lack of sleeps just sucks. but
a 2hr full body massage, finishing up new pendants and looking at
my little tree did the trick. okay did the trick. the
emails and comments were so sweet. i honestly felt bad about even
p0sting it. but thanks for caring. damn indiana gray skies!]
peace out.


kristen said...

i'm loving the dippy! and i know those mean reds kind of days, the ones that are clouded by a lack of sleep, oy.

i'm glad today was better, thank you for playing with me in the dippy way, i love it!

Beth said...

so sorry I wasn't there to boost you up on a day you were feeling low !!!

I'm glad things are better now...they are, right ??

you know...I think with what you wrote added to "this time of year"...well there's no need for explaining....

it gets to all of us !!!

here's a squam hug just for you !!!