art pendant cheer

new art pendants!

boots artpendant no.1
i always forget how bad my lighting is here in the studio, until i have
to do more photos for the shop! ugh. and these little pieces of
sugar are encased in a glass lense....even worse! but i have four
on etsy, ready for homes.

i will be part of a month long exhibition at paper and stitch. brittni
was so kind to let me be part of her 3rd show. so YIPPIE! please
stop by and check out all the artists. the exhibition will be live

greener pastures art pendant no.1

in the meantime...if anyone has any thoughts on the photography
i am all ears!



liz elayne said...

love these!

my suggestion is that the next day you have sun, get outside to take the photos. put them against something light colored (like a piece of linen) and use natural light...

i am still sick but am thinking about you and hoping we can catch up on the phone soon.

jenica said...

these are awesome!!!

when i took pics of my pendants i used white paper and sat them under the sun from a southern facing window. i also shot with macro focus. but mine aren't the best!


Beth said...

I think you need to travel someplace really warm, throw on something cute and summery, stand on the sandy beach with the sun shining down on you and model those pendants for us.....

and if you need someone to help get the pendants on or off or just get your sunglasses for you...oh heck, I'll come along with you !!!!

Sarah said...

I am double-lovin' these! :)

Katrina said...

these are DElightFUL. i adore them. and now o have to go take a closer look. happy december to you!