what to wear

leah apron - modern myrtle

i am loving aprons! they truly
can make an outfit. i just got
this one from modern myrtle
and it is so damn adorable. i
could wear them everyday.

if you are looking for a work
apron check out these from
the little room. today i am
wearing my natasha. liz does
such a great job and her soul
mantras go right along with
the aprons. go check them out.

happy shopping!


Heather, said...

yep...made scarves for nieces, now on to aprons (for me)! woohoo!

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I love aprons, too. How are those Indiana skies? My usually grey Pennsylvania sky has been blue for two whole days in a row. It's a post-Christmas miracle here! Hoping your skies (at least the ones inside your home and spirit) are sunny. Cheers to you, sweetie!

melanie said...

aw, these are so pretty. i must treat myself to one of these beauties one day (or muster up enough courage to try and make one myself).

happy holidays to you!

Jane said...

I just signed up for a class on making aprons just yesterday. I'm really looking forward to it because I seem to gravitate to all things "retro", I've been looking for a way to dust off my sewing machine AND there are so many great fabrics out there.

lacy said...

Oh Happy Day Indeed! Oh so cute! I absolutely love aprons... something about it makes me feel pretty and girlie. Happy New Year!