polaroid no.4

1. Paint for the month of april, keeping design jobs at a minimum
so that i can use this time for painting. [no more taking jobs that
suck just to say i made a little money this month.]
2. submit work for group shows, publications and summer festivals
3. commit time for photographing etsy shop items, once a week and
add more to the store
4. keep the studio cleaned up and organized....including my desk.
5. find new outlets for my work and pursue them
6. say no to jobs or other things that don't fall in line with my vision.
7. look for new ways to network and market myself
8. focus on no more self loathing and self- sabotage
9. contact regional gallerys, coops and stores about hanging my art.
10. rather than being afraid - begin contact others about process, ideas
and collaborations [check - one down and many to go.]

**learn to make mojitos...oh c'mon - summer is on her way,
and all work and no play makes kelly a very dull girl.
i was inspired today by miss kalloch of athena dreams. she is
a source of inspiration.
and she found her's - here

so - you got any goals?


Cid said...

I love visiting your blog. After I read it I keep it open so I can listen to your music while I do other things. Thanks for such inspiring words and music and pictures.

missie bickel said...

awesome goals, gladys! i'm behind ya all the way!

Nina said...

I have taken on numerous #1's (not so fun design jobs) and I could have been painting...

Nice list.

Katrina said...

your list looks A LOT like my list! :D

Shari said...

I agree with Katrina... your list looks very similar to mine! Love Rod the Bod!

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Swap out a few key phrases and this could be my list, too. I'm working to align my purpose and personality to pursue profit! :)