self reflection

spt - april time

about me . i love deeply and fiercely

about me . my eyes are really blue
about me . i am a scorpio....true scorpio
about me . my life is surrounded by a cast of characters who i adore
about me . i am still discovering me
about me . my toenails are pink for today
about me . i am a daddys girl
about me . my home is colorful like me
about me . i love being in my studio, alone with a little music
about me . my deck is a happy place.
about me . i will finish my squam submissions today

now....what about you.


Anonymous said...

About me. I hate labels or boxes yet find myself in many.
About me. I am saving myself for tracy chapman.
About me. My favorite color is black but yet it’s not a color at all.
About me. I am determined and goal oriented yet I procrastinate all the time.
About me. My favorite word in the English language is BRAVE.
About me. I feel as if I have failed at everything I have done.
About me. I will have a quarter arm tattoo sleeve.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

i finally replied to this (in my little way) on my blog.

thanks for inspiring me to look inward my friend.

love this post and photo and little glimpses into who you are.


Amy said...

about me: i hate talking on the telephone
about me: my new haircut is (finally) short and sassy
about me: i've discovered a new loner quality in me, never noticed it before . . .
about me: i like singing really loudly and don't care if i know the words or not
about me: i really love plants and wish i was a better gardener, i'd like to transform my deck and yard into an oasis
about me: i am an aquarius and happy about it
about me: the new parts of my house make me really happy, the old parts are getting on my nerves
about me: i am still discovering me, too

gkgirl said...

about me:
i am slightly anti-social...
i love to take pictures...
i drink too much pepsi...
i am totally a much as
that annoys me...
i love salt.