me on thursday

lush green green wall - how i love you

it's thursday my little cherubs and it is so nice out! can
i get an amen?! oh how i have waited for a blue blue sky.

so lets celebrate with a top 5 list....some really sweet stuff.

one.. be present art retreats. oh it's gonna be sweet! only
a couple of spots left! get in while you can!

two.. we all need our daily dose of abundance...right?! so
go check out what the most talented jess gonacha has been
up too. she is sweet enough to share pecannoot with each of us.
psst....she also has new necklaces in her shop!

three.. have you heard ingrid michaelson???? just found her on
pandora! this song is my song. far it now!

four.. polaroid girls on etsy. their imagery there is drool worthy
and i am in awe of darlene and kristen's talents. kristen has also
opened a shop, abishag, full of her gorgeous images. please go see her!

five..two weeks to finish up your submissions for the squam art show.
now get off your duffs and produce!!!!!

[ well i know i say 5, but i have one more. liz elayne is having a sale! and
she has some really sweet new pieces. so go check it out, go on...scoot!]


kristen said...

girlfriend, thank you for the props!

just the kind of post i needed to read today and did i mention how i'm loving your hair these days?

i love your green walls and wish you lived closer, (or felt like visiting, heehee) and could help me paint two rooms in my house...i know we'd have fun and there's no one i'd rather paint next to.

Erin said...

loooove that color, it's my favorite