oh so merry.


weekend filled with so many giggles, good food, just enough
beers and one sweet waiter. right girls, you were drooling

my life was blessed the day i strolled into hamilton 71, on
squam lake. two kindred souls who i love and adore. i will
see you on the lake soon.


Sarah said...

Your pictures turned out great, Kelly! What a perfect day that was. I'm beaming myself back there as I write this!

Miss you already.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

listening to michael franti as i look at this joy.
love this.
so glad you all were able to connect!!


Tracey said...

Oh, it was absolute perfection in every way (a dreamy server to boot)!! My heart is plum-full, gushing over with love and happiness. Even our sad goodbye was cushioned by knowing I'll see you in a few months and then again a couple months after that. Can't wait! Yippee!!
What happened to my earring in that pic? Now it's a "one thing is not like the other" photo and I dig it.

bluepoppy said...

oh Ms Indigo Blue-- was just whiling away through your posts when I found this one OH!!! the magic! spirits connected-- found-- the MAGIC--- I think I gotta go sit down now and breathe.

heeeee, SMOOCH, Elizabeth