10 on the edge

..tables edge..

"in the beginning, the price of giving great love is risking that
it won't be returned. until you understand, of course, that great
love is always returned." `with interest,the universe

the studio has been a busy place, so much goodness going on.
here are some new things in store....
1. squam art submitted and waiting
2. checking off the list
3. new baubles on the horizon
4. new shop updates coming, new shop, new look
5. listen and she wore pink featured at pecannoot!
6. two new works from this amazing duo
7. penny's new find, go - its a little daily gift
8. my gift from lizelayne....i wear it everywhere!
9. ideas for the local fall art show
10. creative sessions with peach.
"Accidents, coincidences, and serendipities don't create dreams.
Your dreams create them. ~Dream away,The Universe


kristen said...

how fun! i wrote a post last week about tut and the universe...heehee.

i've been receiving daily notes for a long while now, can't remember who in bloggyland tuned me in but i do find that there are days when the messages are so true!

have a good week, friend.

Kelly C. said...

yes! i can feel the momentum and magic in this post!
all good things to you, dear.

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

What a fantastic surprise to have you stop by the treasury and my blog... I was just ogling your work at pecannoot yesterday! Love the depth, colors, and mood. I'm still working to find my distinctive style--I always admire artists whose work is immediately recognizable as theirs. Very cool.

I keep going back to your first quote (the price of great love). Beautiful.

Erin said...

love your new addition to your playlist...oh the weepies- rock!
i have a daily dose that you might want to check out:
have a great weekend!

jenica said...

what awesomeness swirling all around you!