got your daily dose?

jessica have heard of her - right! how
could you not. she rocks. i am in constant amazement
of her talent, drive and kindness. so if you haven't
already toodled over to her new abundance site. do
it today. think of it as a little gift to yourself.

she is also looking for abundant
inspiring submissions, cmon -
you know you have been painting -
send your artwork in!

and....go here to look over all of her goods.
i am diggin' the new coasters!
plenty of thursday goodness.


Carmen said...

I just bought a custom coaster set from her yesterday, can't wait to get them. I *heart* Pecanoot too... always a dose of sunshine and light.

Have a great day!

jess gonacha said...

Aww, thank you Kelly and Carmen! You're both so sweet to me. :) (And both of your coaster sets are in the works and looking great!)

Erica said...

ohmygosh thank you so much for pointing me in her direction-- so talented!!

Erin said...

love all the goodies you sell. Will buy one soon...promise!

chris said...

Thanks for the heads up, really great site!