5 things to dig.

"bad fog of loneliness"

one.... completed.....squam submissions, all four. yippie!

two.... heading to meet up with this chick tomorrow.
i have to say that i have had a month of happy on the
tribe front.

three... this should be in the post next week. can't wait to see
her hanging on my wall

four....a lovely new glass star from my girl sarah. image will
be coming soon

five....all the blessings that fall upon me each day



Carmen said...

LOVE this!!!

Swirly said...

Oh my...I am just LOVING your recent creations. L-O-V-I-N-G.

Sarah :) said...

Kelly - WOW. The colors, textures, and themes in these new pieces are just blowing me away. Blowing me away!

beth said...

I love love love this so much kelly !!!

Tracey said...

Shazam, girlfriend! You are on fire! Love, love, love YOU!