..keeping it all straight..

before and after - studio cubie and new ikea boxes.

i don't know about you, but keeping the studio clean and organized
seems to be a daily action. storage area done, now on to the desk.

and since it is thursday, and it has been yet another week, how
about we just go with FIVE really good things for the week.

1. boys swim sectionals tonight and saturday. gabe is once again
bald. his senior year, last time to watch him swim....happy and
sad about this one.

2. winter olympics coverage....usa rocking the winter games.

3. dalai lama on his way for may.

4. more miles covered on my runs....healthy mind, legs and
body helps.

5. keeping with my new productive attitude


beth said...

oh yeah....usa is rockin those olympics and I love it !

susan said...

gotta love the ikea storage. and yes! i am so sleepy from watching the olympics so late! happy friday kelly!

K8 said...

How did you know that i was looking for some studio organizing ideas! Thanks for the glimpse into your world. btw, when I need a little inspiration I wear my girl necklace. :) K