hump day happy

if you know me, then you know what i wanted to drive it home

because we have all been cooped up and snowed under - here is
some hump day happiness....
1. little monters and monkeys that i adore. check out junker jane
and these favorite things. they are nothing but for the smiling.
2. a very productive winter spent in the studio, creating, purging
and organizing. feeling very productive and that makes me feel
better about me.
3. a spirited rock from this mermie who was so sweet to send
little extras along they way. they are already spreading their
good vibes.
4. realizing that my lifestyle changes are working, i feel stronger
in every sense of the word. and would never have thought that
i could run over 5 miles.
5. little love notes that find their way to me, sometimes the
simplest phrase can turn your day around. i find peace in each
one of them.
so....where is your happy in today?


patty said...

Hey, LOVE the truck and love that you are getting stronger and feeling productive - way to go!! I am happy that the sun has returned and I can't wait to get out in it!! Love and hearts to you!

elizabeth said...

5 miles! That is awesome! You are so inspiring - in so many ways.

My happy is in a giant Reese heart sent to me by a friend. Be still my heart.