my color ..yellow..

manzanita, oregon 2009....a little piece of my soul left here.
i am blessed to have you in my world, each arm that guides
me gently each day, who sends me little spirited cheers from
all sides of this land. when you take the time to call, the light
radiates deeper.
this week when i was getting my massage, by the ever so healing
hands of kasey, she was at the end of the hour and she was working
on my head. i allowed myself to find that breath and go deeply
into my head. that warm yellow light appeared. a gift.
some days i feel like that little snail, slowly trudging along.
my underbelly occassionally snagging along the path. but then
you, whoever you may be, reaches out and i begin to glide.
aw...thanks you.


Mindy Lacefield said...

absolutely lovely kelly. we are all blessed by your light. love ya to pieces.

elizabeth said...

loves to you, my dear. we are so blessed to have you in our lives. and i still love my necklaces. :)

Jennifer said...

you are such a beautiful and wise soul. I am here in NJ cheering you on and always sending you happy thoughts. Missing you dear girl!!

Amy said...

something about that little snail just makes me giggle. and also makes me want to weep. a lot like life, no? you know i'm always cheering you on from way over here on the east coast. you're one of the acorns i keep in my pocket. a touchstone when things seem too hard. xo