on to two

..nothing sings happy like a pair of hot pink shoes..
looking over my year goals. i have realized i have gotten off
to a decent start.

january was spent

1. organizing, filing, running numbers for taxes and getting
my biz on quicken. pretty happy with this
2. etsy has been busy and i love that, working on getting
several new originals and new cards in there soon.
3. looking for some runs this summer to participate in
4. maintaining my new body and health
5. finishing the paintings i have started.
february here is what i am looking at....

1. scrapartist shop up and running, huge learning
curve here. yes, i procrastinate because it scares me.
[note, learn to ask for help]
2. paint 3 hours, tues, wed, thurs
3. keep studio hours, so i am not working on
4. pick out paint for studio.
5. submit to mags

oh...and this. i will be working on pieces for this...

so...what have you been up too? how do you keep your business
organized? i would love to hear all about it.


jenny said...

good things are happening for you! I like your list and look forward to seeing what's new!

Amy said...

a decent start???? looks like a supercalafragilisticexpealidocious (sp?) start!! you go, girl!