holy shit!

these blissful books have all been purchased
in the past 6 months. i have yet to sit down
and read them. oh, i have scimmed through
the majority of them. but i have all this inspiration
at my finger tips and i can't seem to schedule
in reading time. not only that, i am realizing that
i am addicted to books, as i am addicted to art
supplies. i have no problem going out and buying
150.00 worth of paints, metals, beads, canvas -

but to go out and buy myself clothes...holy
shit - no way! books and art supplies fit, no matter
what! and i can get more for my money, and they
make me happy...oh so gleefully happy. how do
all of you fit your creative time into your schedules.
i have realized that i seem tied to my computer, if i am
not laying out designs, i am checking emails, blogs,
artistic sites for inspiration. i am going to have to
schedule my life and be strict about it! i say yes to
to many things that take me away from what i love
[next to my cherubs].. sure i can do that.
"oh, you need
that layed out?" oh let me do it, it
will be faster. and
before i can even say
"Holy New Year's Eve, he has me in his famous trick streamers!"
another whole week has sped past me and i still haven't

gotten to my painting. so please, please, please leave
me your advice....i would so love you for the kindness.

check out michelle today....i dig her post
and she looks really sassy with the pink flower in
her hair!


la vie en rose said...

so glad you liked the post!

i see some good books in that pile...some sabrina ward harrison, some julia cameron!

as for your question--you're guess is as good as mine. balance has always been a big issue for me. at the end of the day i always find i didn't do the things that are essential to my soul, to my creative life. i can't tell you the last time i read a book and i'm a big book reader!!!

Smed said...

Oh, I've got about six or seven books I haven't read. Well, I have a couple of conferences, so there's hope. Heh.

mati rose said...

these books look so exciting! do tell your thoughts:)

ScrapHappy said...

I have a similar pile -- and I see many of my favorites there! Tell me what you are really enjoying. I love to get recommendations.

Oh, balance. Not so good with that one. I have a similar problem. But one thing I have tried that works -- I keep a big pile of mags and a single blade retractable thingy for slicing pages. When I have to go somewhere I don't really have to pay attention, I bring my pile and spend the time ripping out articles (which I then filelater). Like tonight I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's (HORRORS!) and spent the time flipping and cutting.

Just an idea -- I'm interested in what everyone else has to suggest!

Swirly said...

Oh my goodness, your journal entry was taken directly from my brain. I too, am addicted to art supplies and books and hardly ever buy clothes. I realized what a nerd I was when my fiancee had to do something on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and I chose to go to a coffee shop and read rather than shop, browse or even just window shop. Art geeks UNITE!!

tine said...

Oh wow!!
I spy some really great reads there with my little eye ;-)

Awesome!!! :-)

tine said...

Oh hey Swirly, I love the term "art geeks" hahahah, that cracks me up!!!
Let's unite!!!

melanie said...

mmm, great selection of books you have there!! i struggle to find time to read books like these too, so I started carrying around a tote with me with a couple of books and notebook in it. whenever I find myself waiting (picking up my daughter from school, waiting rooms, long stoplights, etc) I pull out a book and flip through a few pages. happy reading :)

kelly rae said...

since i've discovered my inner artist, i've barely picked up a book. i need more balance! i have a pile, too. i'll get to them some day. LOVE sabrina ward harrison btw!

Brandi said...

It is hard to say no. It always is and yes, the computer is a real time eater. I have also found that spending so much time looking at others art has blocked some of my own creativity.

Hope you find more time for your art. I wish I had some real advice, I was just posting to say, I totally understand where you are coming from! Brandi

Beth said...

I can relate. I keep my books next to my bed and I can usually get in 15 minutes before I doze off. I was also just noticing that clothes shopping just isn't for me anymore.....but give me supplies and books and I am lost for hours. My newest T-shirts.....only for wearing while in my studio. You are obviously not alone based on all the comments. Yippee for Art Geeks !!!