steppin' away

the lovely and oh so talented mati doodled this on my
envelope that her prints came in...check her stuff out here
i dig this doodle!

a great big hug to each of you this week.
lain...thanks for the silly
are so sweet and you made my day.

i have such a busy week. we have a little visitor
for the week, while his mom and dad are vacationing.
i am in the middle of a large site map, revising
a website and i have a sign to put together.

today while attending mass, fr. dave pointed out
things to think about during this lenten season.
he talked about things that control our personal
freedom; anger, technology, envy, jealousy, etc-
etc-etc....all of those things control my everyday.
and so this week, i am going to work hard on my
design jobs, my paintings and my little visitor. i
also know that i have been allowing myself to sink
deep into the world of envy. i have to tell you all
that my life freelancing couldn't be happier. i love
being at home when my kids get off the bus. i am

blessed to be able to take off a day if i want or need
to. but i still wake up everyday and begin to compare
myself to so many others. if i could change anything

about myself - this would be the thing to change.
and so, through lent, i will be working on personal
inventory. the homily today was so beautiful and

i left church knowing that god was speaking to me.

i am going to be up late tonight playing catch up.
i wanted to have a large portion of the map done
by the end of the weekend, but as always, i allowed
too many outside influences, control my schedule.
and so since i play on the internet way too much...
sorry but you chicks are so inspiring i have a hard
time staying away...i need to step away and get
some work done.

blessing throughout the week...


Marilyn said...

Personal inventory is always a good thing for all of us to focus on...thanks for the reminder.

ScrapHappy said...

What a great reminder. I too get so envious... it's awful. I want to be skinnier, create more, have more... Instead of just concentrating on what I DO have. Ugh, it's tough -- never thought about it controlling me and separating me from God... good thing to concentrate on during Lent!

Smed said...

They are blessed for you being there. I'm glad you're so happy and blissful, even here in BFE land! BTW - wish Liz a happy birthday today. Katie and I made her blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Brandi said...

Kelly, envy is the worst. I am not a materialistic person so I dont have that kind of envy but I am terrible about envying other artists which only makes me feel worse about myself and my art. Just wanted you to know that you are not along here.

It is great that you are able to see these things and make the effort to come to terms with it. It is a difficult journey.

Whenever I think of envy, I think of a line from one of my fav Cheryl Crow songs, she says "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got." Easier said than done but if we could all do it, I think we would all be a lot happier.

The funniest thing about it is that there are others out there who envy US! Crazy.

Anyway, you are not alone!


mati rose said...

oh so sweet. thank you. have a lovely week!

la vie en rose said...

i do the same thing friend. i once heard a great quote..."comparrison is the theif of contmentment." i've come back to it many times when i've started to step out of myself. blessings on your lenten season!

Swirly said...

Comparing is soooooooo easy, and rarely helpful!! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling alive and tingly with your work and life. It comes through in your beautiful work.