{photo taken by my pops....ireland

i am still here, busy with work
happy thursday to each of you!

oh the blessings...

my wee visitor being an good boy all week,
not one cry or one melt down...yea!

figuring out a design short cut while
working on the site map...holy yea!

b coming home and telling me he thought
of me all day...swoon

gabe's second in the 100 breast...cut another 2secs

clancy's bball win

seeing cheri' tonight

dinner at marvin's....home of the gcb

viewing all of swirly's new girl series...oh so sassy

stewie [gabe's leopard gecko] seems to be getting
healthy again.

my 10x10 wood slaps just waiting to feed on some


happy thursday, ya'll


la vie en rose said...

many blessings to you friend! love all the good swirling in your life!

smed said...

Happy Thursday indeed. Hopefully Mattie is still OK. I think if you want to bring him over this weekend, just call Liz and I'm sure that Katie and Mattie could have a good playdate. Anyway, rain rain go away!

Swirly said...

I'm such an art nerd I'm totally drooling over your 10x10 wood panels - now get painting, girly!!