studio friday...inspiration

i am inspired daily by....

my sphere of happy...see above
this guy and this one too
color, color and more color
the marshmallow guy...i want his job!
pretty sparkilie necklaces
kids art
funky fabric
gabe's first place [400 relay]last nite
clancy's german chocolate brownies
this puppy

swirly, penelope and so many
others of the chickies i checkout
daily...just check out my links
El Conquestador
and lil'mac

happy thursday...


naomi said...

This was so much fun and inspiring to read.

wynlen said...

The different colors of the links in this post is very inspiring!

monicalee said...

Too cute. I like your blog! Hooray for creative women!

la vie en rose said...

oh this is fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like pretty sparkly necklaces too! Great SF presentation!

Beth said...

love all your inspiration ! love your work !

Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

Love your silver clip/holder thingy against that gorgeous green :D An inspiration!

ScrapHappy said...

Great stuff!
Congrats on the 400 -- very cool!
Love your site!!!!

Kara said...

love the sphere of happy!

Swirly said...

That is a lovely burst of inspiration, and I feel honored to be a part of it!! :)

ScrapHappy said...

All roads lead to Kelly!
I have clicked over to your blog so many times from links on others' sites -- mostly the comments you've left. Then I get there and I say, Oh! THAT Kelly!

So I am giving in to the universe and adding you to my friends links from my homepage. :)

Marilyn said...

Love your sphere...and I love that color of green.

wendy said...

Great post....Great blog...

Sarah e.Smith said...

Thanks for posting such great links :) I love reading your site and check it out every day...though I may not always comment.....happy thursday to you too :)