they say it's your birthday...

oh miz clancyface, today you move
into the world of the older girlies....
but you have been there since the
day you were born. you were going

to be molly, until your cousin was born
12 hours before and she beat you to
to you got to go with clancy
our very own bit of irish

always wanting more, living out loud
and rarely taking no for an answer.

you love being smack dab in the middle
of it all. you feel deeply like me and
you love to live life. you are pouty, moody,
caring, and can sing sing sing.

your hair stood on end from the day you
came into the world till the day you were

baptized. it was a divine intervention of the
hair. i mean really, how long could you take
being referred to as woodstock.

born the day before st. paddys day and always

having to share the birthday glory with miz molly,
you have been a huge brite light in all of our lives

and somedays your spirit needs to be reigned just
an itty bitty bit. but i cherish the days i can hear
you singing gospel in the shower, watching you
defend the little man and watching you work to
accomplish whatever it has been that you believe.

clancy the chick who never gives up or gives in...
may your day be filled with laughter and many
suprises and blessings.


la vie en rose said... sweet...

gkgirl said...

what a great
birthday letter...
so sweet
and personal
(and i love the name clancy...too cute)

Smed said...

Happy birthday, Clancy!

ScrapHappy said...

I love that name! Great photo, too!
Happy Bday!

melanie said...

precious! happy birthday, Clancy!