clancy's idea....

my execution....

what a day! i whipped out wedding stationary
samples, raced them to lafayette so that they
can be carried by the mother to her daughter
in sunny california! another job! and from so
far away, makes me feel rather wordly, ol' chum!

while in rainy gray and gloomy lafayette, i ran
over to the saturn dealership and hopped in
a midnight blue vue and took her for a spin.
loved it - hated the manual transmission.
the saab is manual and i feel like someone
kicked the shit out of me after every long
trip. she drives like a tank, i am ready for
an automatic, not ready for 2k more on the
sticker price. we also drove a caliber and
a jeep compass. caliber was at the top of
my list and compass last. compass is now
at the top, with vue running a close second
could move to first if i can find a automatic
in our price range.

clancy came to me with a vision and together
we got it done. i have been making notepads.
in the last month i have probably popped out
over 65 of them. i sold over 44!

i love that my kids are proud of me and want
to give my goods as gifts.....

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Marilyn said...

I'm so out of the whole car thing that I just realized I have NO idea what any of those cars you mentioned look like. :) (What do I know, I 'drive' a 30-year-old Schwinn...) How FABULOUS that you have such support for your creativity!