tomorrow bryce and i head out to california.
brite and early in the morn. i pulled an all-niter
last nite, just so i could go. christmas orders,
design jobs, laundry. yep, only 2 hours of sleep
in the last 36 hours. iam beat. my muscles tingle
from sleep deprivation. and really last nite
in the quiet of my studio....i could understand
why some people work best in the quiet. but
my body and mind can't run on little sleep.

i am a little nervous about L.A. i am not L.A.
material, but just getting away with b for 5 days
will be worth it, visit bryce's college roomate
and his family in irvine and then [fingers crossed]
wednesday - i am lunching with a chick that i have
admired so. so being surrounded by a bunch of jocks
for 5days [national athletic directors convention]
will be worth it on wednesday.'s to the sun beating down on my face
and warming my soul.

{once in a while it really hits people that they
don't have to experience the world in the way
they have been told to. ~alan keightley}

blessings ya'll


Marilyn said...

Hope you have a good time in sunny SoCal (at least I assume the sun's shining down there).

la vie en rose said...

have FUN!

...and i love that quote...

Raquelle said...

Hey Girl!

I haven't had a chance to chat with you in a while. How is everything? I'm definitely going to catch up on some of your entries! I've been meaning to visit.

I might be headed over to your neck of the woods sometime in the Spring. Woohoo!

Hope all is well and good luck with your Cali trip.