laguna beach, california december 2006

california was grand. b and i had a great time
doing nothing much of anything. oh we had
a few moments here and there. visiting jim
and dru on their home turf was fun. walking
the shops and gallerys at laguna beach and
sitting out at las brias watching the sunset
was simply peaceful.

palm trees, twinkle lites and christmas tunes....

driving down the ca-1 seeing all the beaches....

sleeping, sleeping sleeping.....

seeing the grand canyon and all its glory from the plane window....

sitting across the table from this chick on a sunny santa monica day....
[she is as sweet, funny, and kind as i imagined she would be...swoon!]

returning home on a long flight, no food eight hours, really cranky -
finding dad and miz c looking for us in baggage claim, then home.

i am grateful for the trip and b all to myself
- meeting someone i truly admire
- returning home safely

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Marilyn said...

I love Laguna Beach, but haven't been there in years. Right after high school, the mother of one of my best friends moved to a bungalow about a block or two from the beach there...god, it was such a treat to visit her (aside from the fact that she was a gotta love anybody's mother who reads your tea leaves.) ;) Glad you had such a good time.