the big show

the camp, november 1, 2007

messy studio + productive painting = tired kelly

tomorrow i pack up every single painting i can find and
take them down to the coffee shop to display for the month
of november. i am pretty excited. it has been a productive
week. i had to bust out several new pieces to fill in some
space. i had sold a couple and donated a couple. i was
was low on fuel. this week i finished 3 pieces that had been
yearning for some attention and i just finished the 4th in
my h.o.m.e. series [ i am home ].

i have never displayed my art before. i am a bit uneasy,
but hell - it's about time. i have to start somewhere.
right?! heck yes i am right.

i have all of my little plague cards done, bio, info sheet.
and three prints framed. so i should have close to
20 items in the vault. it is a fun room. the coffee
shop once housed a jewelry store. the vault has
been converted into a cozy conference room. i can't
sit in there for meetings. i am too distracted by all
the art! darn a.d.d.!

tomorrow nite is the re-grand opening [formerly
campbell's on main ] of the moon dance cafe.
and my art will be part of that....sweet!

so that is all i have got. tomorrow nite is the first
alive after five [a new committee that i sit on for
the downtown.] we are hosting our first - first friday.

here are the logo's i designed for each.

i love designing logos. so if you are looking for
one or know someone who is - give me a buzz.
camp indigo will send you a little thank you if
you do!

i am off to finish up and head to bed.
i really got a lot of work done today. i am
always amazed at how good that makes you
feel, eventhough you are worn out.



Swirly said...


A whole SERIES of Home creations? Are you kidding me? I want, want, want them all!!!

Could I possible use any more CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points?!!!!!!

kellyloveswhales said...

I'm so excited for you!! You are such an inspiration! Hope you enjoy this weekend of new adventures!


p.s. the Logos look super fab, too. : )

Colorsonmymind said...

Congrats! Ohhh so exciting.

They are going to fly off the walls baby. Your work is so fabulous. I just love it!

Good work girlie.

I have a coffee house display-first one in December. I know I should be getting ready...procrastination is a bitch.

Love to you

liz elayne said...

fantastic! i hope you take pictures to share with us...congratulations!

The Dream said...

Hey there, sneaky naughty friend-
GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FIRST SHOW!!!!! VERY exciting! Your work is so fantastic!!! It's not about the bucks earned (though that can be gratifying and sometimes necessary), but whether our work speaks to others.

Marilyn said...

Good luck with the show! And Happy Belated Birthday!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

how very, very exciting!