slip into layers
h.o.m.e. series #4
8x8 canvas - mixed media
online shop just about ready and new etsy items coming
soon. if you happen to see any original that you are interested
in - just email me!

my life is full of layers, some deep, some brittle and thin.
today i took gabe to the natatorium to swim and on the
way there he played the guitar for me. what a gift that
is. i soaked it all in. in just a few short days he has plucked
his way through ben harpers "i shall not walk alone" one
of my favorites. he did it for me.

then i came home to such a kind email, it made me cry.
someone so dear to me. i am yet again blessed by all
the simple things. it is so hard not to remember this when
i am stressed, or tired or just plain fed up. but a little
note full of kindness - makes all of the difference.

this past week was filled with good things, things that
reminded me that i can do this. that jobs will continue
to come in. maybe not when i am most broke, or not
always the jobs i want, but that doesn't matter, they
come when i need them most.



amber said...

i LOVE the house in the background...this is great!

Claire said...

i LOVE your artwork and i've added your shop to my favourites :o)
blessings this sacred life sunday xx

liz elayne said...

this piece is so beautiful...i am so excited to see the new items in the shop!

thailandchani said...

Exactly! Things come to us as we need them most. It's a pattern I've grown to recognize. :)

Someone learning a song for you.. now that's a special gift!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

you can do can! keep believin'!