fly away home

fly away home
h.o.m.e. series #3

the last couple of weeks has
been such a whirlwind. so many
things to do and take care of and
the midst of it all sad happenings,
crazy life, sad life.

my uncle tom is sick and they are looking
for cancer, caroline is still fighting her cancer -
she is on transplant #2, she is only 5.
and evan cousineau passed away last friday, one
day before his 10th birthday. his family lives near
los angeles, so if anyone out there see's anything
about his benefit, give them a call and see if you can
help. they will have a foundation. his parents names
are mark and gina cousineau, they are very involved
in the waterpolo community. evan was on the same
floor as caroline, they were bosom buddies.

i just floors me, that gina had to go home without
one of her kids and now they are expected to pick
up the pieces. so i will hold my kids even closer now, laugh
more, play more checkers and be happy when clance rings
the door bell 20 times in a row when she gets home from

check out evan's story here...

here are my blessings -

..heather calling me tonight 5 times laughing hysterically
..really great and supportive friends new art and feeling like i am on to something new girl who arrived today in a happy happy box, thischick
sent her to me with oh so many extra things - so sweet [livefree] cold yuengling lager - yum
..c's second part of her i.u. profile series organizers for the studio healthy gorgeous kids

now go hug someone you love


kelly rae said...

you ARE on to something with that art of yours, girlie. an original for me, someday!

Debbie Egizio said...


Jane said...

Happy Tuesday!

The title of your post initially grabbed me right away as Fly Away Home is one of my favorite all-time movies. You remind me here today that I need to get back to writing my daily gratitude list.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

so much much goodness...

hugs to you!

The Dream said...

This piece is AMAZING! You are, indeed, onto something and it shows!!! LOVE your work!

Sorry to read of the sadness. Especially when I hear of children dying, it reminds me just how precious life is ... I needed to read this today, as one of my rowdy teenagers has been on my nerves in a big way lately. The message from above, yet again, "Love your children, NO MATTER WHAT."

Great list, too!