deep breath

pink buddha.....i am out of images

" i am not a surrealist, i never painted dreams. I
painted my own reality. the only think i know is
that i paint because i need to, and i paint whatever
passes through my head, without any other
consideration." ~ frida kahlo




planted - mixed media
24in x 24in on pine
acrylics, paper, silver leaf

graphite and oil crayons...itty
bitty bits of glitter


i am putting myself on a self-imposed
internet sabbatical. i need to catchup
and emotionally prepare for the upcoming
holiday - that i am not looking forward to.

this is the last of my most recent paintings.
the next few weeks will be filled with new
ideas and canvas.

blessings this thanksgiving to each
and all. and a big happy birthday to
miss swirly, whom i adore.....



i am

i am home h.o.m.e. series #5

{ as you walk and eat and travel be where you are.
otherwise you will miss most of your life.}

the week started off very painfully. my uncle and godfather
has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. this man is so
vibrant, work-a-holic, addicted to golf and he has been in
a hospital bed for over two weeks. so it is really hard for
all of us to digest this news. as you all know i am a
procrastinator, so i have been slowly digging myself out of
a stack of to dos. if i were rich, i would hire an assistant,
but iam not so tahiti and the assistant will have to be put
on hold. one day, i am going to teach myself a lesson
and just work like hell as each job comes in and then be
done and have tons of quality free time.

i hope that life is treating you each well. the leaves are
falling here and winter is just around the corner. ugh!
but i am ready to get the house all pruttied up for
the holidays.....



free your mind

hanging - the vault, moon dance cafe

{ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds. }



slip into layers
h.o.m.e. series #4
8x8 canvas - mixed media
online shop just about ready and new etsy items coming
soon. if you happen to see any original that you are interested
in - just email me!

my life is full of layers, some deep, some brittle and thin.
today i took gabe to the natatorium to swim and on the
way there he played the guitar for me. what a gift that
is. i soaked it all in. in just a few short days he has plucked
his way through ben harpers "i shall not walk alone" one
of my favorites. he did it for me.

then i came home to such a kind email, it made me cry.
someone so dear to me. i am yet again blessed by all
the simple things. it is so hard not to remember this when
i am stressed, or tired or just plain fed up. but a little
note full of kindness - makes all of the difference.

this past week was filled with good things, things that
reminded me that i can do this. that jobs will continue
to come in. maybe not when i am most broke, or not
always the jobs i want, but that doesn't matter, they
come when i need them most.



five really good things

happy, 8x8 mixed media - canvas

name five really good things. right now.

1. selling a few originals and being asked to
do a big custom piece!

2. this mornings really hot shower, rejuvenation
at it's best

3. sitting with easy ed and putting together his
new orleans news.

4. feeling calmer about my artisitic path

5. blue skys, autumn colors and leaves falling
...liz did it, now i have done it and we
double dog dare you to do it too.

peace ya'll


fly away home

fly away home
h.o.m.e. series #3

the last couple of weeks has
been such a whirlwind. so many
things to do and take care of and
the midst of it all sad happenings,
crazy life, sad life.

my uncle tom is sick and they are looking
for cancer, caroline is still fighting her cancer -
she is on transplant #2, she is only 5.
and evan cousineau passed away last friday, one
day before his 10th birthday. his family lives near
los angeles, so if anyone out there see's anything
about his benefit, give them a call and see if you can
help. they will have a foundation. his parents names
are mark and gina cousineau, they are very involved
in the waterpolo community. evan was on the same
floor as caroline, they were bosom buddies.

i just floors me, that gina had to go home without
one of her kids and now they are expected to pick
up the pieces. so i will hold my kids even closer now, laugh
more, play more checkers and be happy when clance rings
the door bell 20 times in a row when she gets home from

check out evan's story here...

here are my blessings -

..heather calling me tonight 5 times laughing hysterically
..really great and supportive friends new art and feeling like i am on to something new girl who arrived today in a happy happy box, thischick
sent her to me with oh so many extra things - so sweet [livefree] cold yuengling lager - yum
..c's second part of her i.u. profile series organizers for the studio healthy gorgeous kids

now go hug someone you love


the big show

the camp, november 1, 2007

messy studio + productive painting = tired kelly

tomorrow i pack up every single painting i can find and
take them down to the coffee shop to display for the month
of november. i am pretty excited. it has been a productive
week. i had to bust out several new pieces to fill in some
space. i had sold a couple and donated a couple. i was
was low on fuel. this week i finished 3 pieces that had been
yearning for some attention and i just finished the 4th in
my h.o.m.e. series [ i am home ].

i have never displayed my art before. i am a bit uneasy,
but hell - it's about time. i have to start somewhere.
right?! heck yes i am right.

i have all of my little plague cards done, bio, info sheet.
and three prints framed. so i should have close to
20 items in the vault. it is a fun room. the coffee
shop once housed a jewelry store. the vault has
been converted into a cozy conference room. i can't
sit in there for meetings. i am too distracted by all
the art! darn a.d.d.!

tomorrow nite is the re-grand opening [formerly
campbell's on main ] of the moon dance cafe.
and my art will be part of that....sweet!

so that is all i have got. tomorrow nite is the first
alive after five [a new committee that i sit on for
the downtown.] we are hosting our first - first friday.

here are the logo's i designed for each.

i love designing logos. so if you are looking for
one or know someone who is - give me a buzz.
camp indigo will send you a little thank you if
you do!

i am off to finish up and head to bed.
i really got a lot of work done today. i am
always amazed at how good that makes you
feel, eventhough you are worn out.