as charlie would say....ugh!

delilahblue is two!

just finished another girl. i loved her so.
i had planned on posting her here, so that
you could see. my new powershot ate my
saved images. so if there are any canon
users who know how to recover images
off the sim card. please, i am all ears.

she is a pretty spunky and i would love
for the world to see that after three
dry months, kelly pulled a new piece
out of her tush. [ not literally, that would

finally finished up my wedding announcements
job. walked to the local ice cream shop and ate
a turtle [today is my cheat day] but i only
got a small. delilah blue went along for the
walk. today my sweet pooch turned 2. we
love her so. hopefully we will be adopting
a pooch sibling for her within the next year.
i think she would think that is swell.
my college grad has been here for a week,
working for me. pulling my arse out of the
trenches. she is fast and meticulous....two
things this mommy is not! but it allowed me
to get some painting done and spend time
with her.
the other two babes have spring fever and
they are driving me crazy. one talks constantly
and the other strums his guitar rather than
studying for finals.
big BIG class reunion coming in 2 months. one
of my dearest friends is coming in from san francisco.
i haven't seen her for at least 18 years. i can't wait.
i have been using the "body for life" system for 3
weeks now. i don't feel like i have lost weight. but
my fav button up didn't cling to my belly and i am
running 1/2 hour 4 days a week. so that is something
to build on. right?! you betcha.
my soul sister stopped by today, yes miss thang
i know you are reading this. see the drought has
cleared, i posted. you brighten my days, kindred
spirits i would have to say. now get on that
bike and ride!
peace to each of you. hope life is fine.


Cheryl said...

Hey, here's rooting for you all the way down here. Last year my smallish school decided to combine classes and have a joint reunion. So we had our 20th a year early. I didn't decide to go until the day before so no time to shape up. It was fun regardless.
I'm mountain biking to get in shape for summer (or since this IS TX, I guess we should call it hill biking).

Kelly C. said...

yay! can't wait to see your new piece!! sorry to hear about your camera. i had something crazy happen with my memory card, and it was caused by erasing photos through the computer after uploading them. i went to the camera shop and they recovered everything, so even if it seems hopeless they may be able to help!
p.s. i HAVE to tell you that before i met up with my hubby on friday for a little happy hour, i came to your blog just to play some Tom Jones!! i LOVE it!

Katrina said...

congrats on your new painting and on the end of a dry spell! i wish i had some technical advice about your camera but i tend to rely on the "turn everything off, take all movable parts out, put all parts back in, turn everything back on" approach with electronics! yikes. but i can't wait to see your new work. and congrats on the running too. xoxo.

DogMom17 said...

Yes all three dogs are my life...two Irish Setters (Caeland and Dugan) and Fiona the sweetest english setter ever. I love your blog and your work. Do you do any website design?

Trish Ryan said...

The results from all that running (good for you!) will hit all of a sudden. Your clothes will just fit differently, with no warning. Hopefully this will line up with your reunion :)

Happy birthday to your cute pooch!