it is again - monday.
some fun, some warped
some deep links....

tattoos, hello kitty
[ laughed out loud...i am a huge

hello kitty fan, but these are
over the top!]

simple beauty....miss liz
[ simple words and truth, she

always brings me back towhat
is important ]

this monkeypowered
[ fun stuff found here! ] sweet artist

this new find....anessa arehart

we lost power yesterday for over 4 hours!
big winds and big trees just don't mix. the
kids and i played a couple hands of cards.
nice having no tv, no timeline, no bickering.

hope each of you have a happy day.


1 comment:

Kelly C. said...

hope you had loveliness and sweetness on mother's day! there were strong winds blowing out here, too, but nothing like in your part of the world. hope you didn't have any damage at your house!
happy monday!