the hamilton....home. - squam lake 2008

so much has been going on here. i feel like i have been

thrown into a cyclone. last weekend was such a crazy
one, filled with plenty of goodness and memories, but it
is funny how all that goodness can throw me into a weird space
in life. i had an odd few days, of dealing with some emotions
that were brought up. and it is hard to go into it without sounding
like a giddy girl, so lets just leave it at that. - right - concentrating goodness. i have had plenty
so here is a little look into my window for the week.

1. in just 6 sleeps....i am heading back to meet up with so many
that i adore and can't wait to sit on the dock with, sipping some
cool drink.

2. tomorrow is the gallery opening for the "vision of squam"
i have a couple of pieces in the hop on over to
the artstream gallery and check it out. susan schwake and
liz kalloch have been so kind to all of us.

3. and with the squam show - susan schwake is doing interviews
with some of the artists. you can check mine out here!

4. i have some new items heading to squam with me for the
art fair. liz kalloch and i are sharing a table. plenty of goodness
there, so please stop by and said hello if you are there!

5. and last but never boy has officially reached
manhood. no no....just the ripe old age of 18! gabe - is
one of the kindess, caring and funny boys i know. he plays
guitar and sometimes even sits with his mama, strumming
out some coldp
lay while singing the tune. how i love this

please....just stop leaving homework piled at the
bottom of the locker, turn it in for the love of god!

well there you have it....a little bit of goodness and
a whole lot of crazy!


eb said...

loved your interview
looking forward to Squam
and seeing you again

xox - eb.

beth said...

I can feel your excitement and wish I was going too...
next year....there's always next year !

Jill said...

i went to artstream last night and saw your work. i LOVE it!! i will be attending squam this year and i would be thrilled to meet you at vendor night.
be well and safe travels.
smiles~ jill from n.h.