gone squamming

squam lake 2008 - rockywold deephaven camp.

[ the exciting qualities you see in others also exist
in you. you may not be able to see your potential,
but it's there and it is enormous. ~edge keynote]


i will see you there, and if you aren't going this time round - i will
miss you, and if you have never seen your enormous potential and
don't dare go to a retreat like this - then seek that potential, hold
on to it, then give that gift to you.

be back in a week!

peace out.


jenny said...

I will be there next year. I will be there next year. There's a yearning in my soul. Such a yearning I can hardly stand to wait. I have to go next year. Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all about it!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

hello dear you.
here in the newark airport with viv with a LOONNNGGGG delay.
so i decided to use the internet.
and here you are with your post.
and i miss you so much.
and am so blessed to have you (and your wisdom in my life).
and i am so glad we will be together on the oregon coast in a few short weeks.