wednesday, early morn...on my way.

i sat on the plane.....giddy that i was on my way to the woods
of new hampshire. on my way to old and new faces. so happy
that i was sharing a ride with my girls from last year, tracey
sarah. we were the girls of hamilton last year.

my unfinished box from lisa's class. last year i remember
watching lisa - a bit intimidated by her striking beauty.
this year i was blessed to have her as a teacher. and
the best part was, she was wickedly funny and even more
giving in her knowledge and creativity. i sat there saying
to myself....seriously kelly, why do you form an opinion
before it is even validated. i so want to have more classes
with this chick! what a talent and gift s.a.w. has with her
in the mix.

ah....miss hula 70. i have followed her blog for about 2 years and
her short querky bangs are a true love of mine. [ i am chopping mine
soon - hope you don't mind!] her free love approach and giddy
personality wraps around you so fast that all you can do is go along
with it. i am sure she was the one in high school always forging the
way for crazy antics, like dancing on tables and playing spin the bottle!
i am so happy that i have a new contraption to play with.

my third class was with helene. i have never meditated and i didn't
find her white light. but what did happen was even better for me...
i was able to slow down my breathing and the ping pong balls that
reak havoc on my gray matter simply found a resting place and i was
able to simply be in that moment, and rest. i was able to calm some
anger that i have been carrying. not totally letting it go yet....hell
it was a 4 hour class people...i will work on that one, but slowing
it down, validating me and moving on to calm. i will take that
little gift. oh yes i will.

this is sommers...where the girls are,
where the girls played and where the fun
happened. i love the girls of sommers and
i have to admit, the first nite was a bit rough
for me. i missed my roomies from last year
and had a bit of guilt that i didn't stay with them
this year. but i went upstairs to the room that i
was sharing with someone new, sat on my bed,
shed a little tear and then miss georgia came in
and i was all better. two years of loving, fun and kind
roomies. oh yeah...i am one lucky chick.

my girl georgia...need to laugh, curse or just be silly -
georgia is the one!

i have to say friday nite has to go down in the history
books as one of my best nights ever. liz and i walked
down to the dock to find 4 other beauties putting down
a little sheet to rest on, layered with bottles of wine,
crackers and cheese that they had conveniently borrowed
from the rdc dining hall and a candle. we sat out under the
dome of stars on that dock and we were simply girls. there
was some dipping involved, plenty of spirits ingested and
reading of the cards [ who wants to do a tarot reading
and i sat there like a block of ice from the ice house,
at first with this thought running through my mind...if my
mother gets wind of this she will not be happy. i will be
reminded that this is sacreligious and i will go to hell!
that lasted for about 2 seconds and then a quick I LOVE IT!]
it was so safe on that dock. i was among the girls of sommer
and a couple of our adopted chickadees - friday nite on the
dock was simply home.

...and this is me - wickedly happy.

[ this is my 2nd year for s.a.w. - i have to say this. i am blessed
to have had this opportunity in my life. i live in the middle of indiana,
middle of soybeans and cornfields, middle of 3 kids, two dogs and
a husband who works overtime - every day....sundays included. and
until i met some creative souls through blogs, then the big leap
to spend some time and money on me and head out alone to new
hampshires, squam lake - i was a very lonely creative girl. each of
you who have smiled at me on the path, taken my hand as we walked
through the woods, giggled at my silliness on the dock or in the cabins
have made my journey shine like no other day. and maybe you have not
truly been introduced to me, but i have seen you, i have heard
you, i have learned from you. what we have is a bond, a creative
sisterhood...along with a few brothers that ties us all into a neat
sometimes messy little bow. and because of that - i can lay off my
husband a little more about moving me out of this conservative
little burb - and he says thanks a bunch!, me too! ]

peace. out.


kristen said...


Yes, Friday night is that memory for me as well. I adore the photo you captured, all of the photos that will forever be in my brain from the magic on the dock.

Much love, sister. xo

bluepoppy said...

this is everything, Kelly. you captured it all-- it's all here-- thank you so much for sharing it and for bringing YOU!! into the mix. bisous, E

Liz said...

OH yeah sister girl... love you, love you love you... and onward down the path we go...

SarahWT said...

Aw, Kelly - I'm so happy you cast your net wide and connected with more kindred spirits; there's such joy in that! It's a wonderful thing, this big Squam family we're building. And our drives to and from SAW were perfect bookends to another beautiful experience. I love that we got to both anticipate and recount it together, and feel so lucky to have my Hamilton gals as proof positive that Squam magic is real; it doesn't fade after the plane lands. Looking forward to the next time I get to squeeze ya! :)

Georgia said...

I so love this :)

I so love you!

And yes, I will curse and giggle and be silly with you any day ;)


carol said...

this is definately something from the gaga sisterhood.

so fulfilling and romantic and the thing that dreams are made of

really wish i could grab a moment of such delight

go girl (s)....


Jill from n.h. said...

thank you for this. what a beautiful blog post. i hope to chat with you next year if not before.
hugs and smiles~ jill from n.h.
p.s. i'm still thinking of which print i want!!!

beth said...

gosh...I wish I would have been there for all that a little more...

next year ?

Simply Smith said...

Hi! I work with your brother, Casey, and I am the art teacher at his school. We got to talking about art today at lunch, and he sent me links to your sites! I was thrilled to see your work because it's so similar to what I'm into right now!
Your brother is great, and I was so excited that he has an artsy side, even though he wouldn't really admit to it!
Nice to "meet" you! I'll keep checking your blog!


daisies said...

i so love you and understand in oh so many ways what its like to be living in the middle of the prairies far away from the creatives that feed me and my passions ... friday night was the absolute best, i have never felt so safe with a group of women as i did with all of you and we will meet again, oh yes we will!

i am so grateful to that sommers cabin and all the lovelies who brought you into my life!

and i can't wait to send you the beautiful photos i took on the dock in the sunlight of an artist who shines beauty, laughter and love. hugs and kisses. xo

littlegreen said...

oh goodness, sounds so beautiful, maybe i need to think a bit and get there next year, glad you had a beautiful time

Simply Smith said...

Hey! I don't know if you got my email or not, but do you want to get together next week? also, I am teaching a class next Thursday at Gallery 116, if you're interested! :) Just let me know!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes