..alter.. for haiti. peace for all.
i have several little alters in my house. they
are reminders of places i have been, moments
of life. my alter on my mantle in the family is
filled with little tea candles and twinkle lites.
several icon pieces and my holy candle. she has
burned quite a bit lately...first for brian
bowman, our sister HAITI, kurt glancy and now
for a family i hold so dear to my heart. they
have lost a son, grandson, brother, nephew.
his name is henry. i never met him, i love and
adore his family. today i send my thoughts and
prayers to circle them with warmth and care.
just as i raise our sister haiti up. that they find
a speedy way to find homes for all those children
who are without a family.
january will be leaving soon. dear february -
show us all a little kindness and grace.


vivienne said...

imagining myself sitting in front of your altar and sending love and support to you, to haiti and to all of the people you're burning that candle for.

Mindy Lacefield said...

very touching post kelly. love.

chrissy said...

loving your alter.
you are so neat kelly.
amen to your prayers.
love ya,

Jan said...

Just popping over from Karen Maezen Miller's blog at SSunspace. I resonated with your comment deeply as a Midwesterner who is constantly asked "what church do you go to." As a practicing Buddhist, I now come to compassion instead of rising to anger when I hear this...Your blog is lovely. I too have little altars everywhere. :-) I love seeing the Guadalupe on yours...May you be well.